Better Housing in Delhi with Land Pooling

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Approval of the land pooling policy by the DDA has brought Delhi a step closer to considerable improvement in housing facilities. Land pooling refers to combination of adjacent plots. After just a few problems are further straightened, and the areas in question are addressed regarding the development, the policy will become completely operational in the south-west and north-west regions of Delhi. This process is expected to require another month or so.

Public-private partnership will be permitted in approximately 24,000 hectares of the total area. Lakhs of new homes in residential societies will be constructed, and land pooling for this purpose will result in return of 43% of the total land area. At least 60% of the area’s population will need to be in favor of pooling for it to become operational. A few of such issues still stand unresolved, but will be smoothed down very soon.

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